Google Apps and Google Classroom


Participants will:
be able to create a Google Classroom to use with their students.
identify strategies to facilitate providing assignments to students and collecting student assignments electronically.
identify strategies to implement online collaboration between students.

Login to Google Drive using your K12 account

SD k12 google login.jpgsd k12 sso google.jpg

Wait--I have a Gmail account and a Google Apps account. How do I switch accounts?
google apps switch account.JPG
1. On your computer, sign in to Google. 2. On the top right, select your profile image or initial. 3. On the menu, select the account you'd like to use.

Google Apps: Overview

Overview: tutorials and introduction to Drive and collaboration tools.

How could you use Google Apps?

Read the following
21 Interesting Ways* To Use Google Docs in the Classroom (*and Tips)
20 collaborative Google Apps activities for schools
25 Cool Hacks for Google Docs in the Classroom

Google Drive
Tutorial for getting started in Google Drive
Read: Sharing and Collaborating with Google Drive
Look for:
  • organization strategies
  • how to manage assignments
  • how to give feedback on assignments

Collaborative Tools

Google Slides

Tutorial for getting started in Google Slides
Do: create a 3 slide presentation that you could use for back-to-school or later in the school year
Try: Tools >> research
Share: share with one or two colleagues using the K12 Google Apps email addresses; allow them to either edit or comment
Collaborate: insert comments

Google Docs

Tutorial for getting started in Google Docs
Audio feedback via Kaizena (how-to get started)
Audio/video feedback via ScreenCastify and Google Drive

Google Sheets

Tutorial for getting started in Google Sheets
Ideas for using Google Sheets: KWL, vocabulary, brainstorming
More ideas for using Google Sheets

Google Forms

Tutorial for getting started in Google Forms
Free Technology for Teachers: 15 Google Forms Tutorial Videos
Use images for answer choices in Google Forms
9 uses for Google Forms

Automatically grade forms

Creating quizzes and grading in Google Forms
Creating quizzes in Google Forms and grading using Flubaroo
Flubaroo compared to Google Quizzes

Create Your Form

Using Google Forms, create a form.
Set-it up to be self-graded (either using Google Quizzes or Flubaroo)
Once your set-up your Google Classroom, you will share this form with "students" (your colleagues today) in your classroom.

Google Classroom

10 Things Every Teacher Should Be Able to Do on Google Classroom
Five Reasons To Implement Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Setting up a class

Do: Create a classroom (you can delete it after today OR you can just remove colleagues).

Add your name and class code: Invite others to your class
Using the "Invite others to your class" to join at least two other classes. (Everyone needs to have at least 1 student)
Add a sample assignment
Go back to your form >> share the link as an announcement on your class for your "students" to fill out

What do your students see when they login?
Student login to Google Classroom

NEW NEW NEW in Google Classroom

Guardian notifications

Communicating with parents through Google Classroom: daily or weekly activity summaries of assignments,
Google Apps Administrator information on enabling Guardian notification
Teacher: manage guardian summaries
Sample Guardian summary


Links to examples and tutorials for Google Apps and Google Classroom