Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum: Incorporating ELA standards in Every Classroom

October 4 and October 28, 2016
Presented by: Sally Crowser and Julie Erickson

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Getting started

Internet for today: select "WDT-guest" >> confirmation page will pop up

Verify attendance for continuing education contact hours


Incorporate ELA standards in all subject areas
Use technology tools to incorporate ELA standards in all subject areas


You are invited to send your teachers to Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum: Incorporating ELA Standards in Every Classroom. This workshop will illustrate the integration of English Language Arts (ELA) standards into every classroom. Teachers will leave the training with a wealth of technology tools and resources to easily implement ELA standards into the instruction of their content area. In addition, teachers will gain instructional strategies and examples of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Audience: K-12 teachers; all subject areas

Bring: laptop

Is Your Classroom ELA Friendly? 9:00-10:00

Article: writing in all content areas

Article: literacy in all content areas

Activity 1: After reading the articles, share your thoughts

ELA Standards in the other content areas

All Content Standards

Tools for Content, Annotation and More! 10:00-11:30


Blue tabs: sources for online content (research articles, informational text, videos)
Red tabs: tools for augmentation, modification and redefinition (annotations, graphic organizers and storytelling, presentation and poster creators)

Activity 2: Which tools are you planning to use?

Lunch 11:30-12:30

Close Reading and Text-Based Questioning 12:30-1:30

Incorporating Language Arts Standards in All Classrooms

Examples Integrating ELA Strategies and Technology Tools 1:30-2:00

Examples of Teaching Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

Integrating ELA Strategies and Technology Tools 2:00-2:45 (work time + break)

Activity 3: Tying it all together

make a copy of document to your K12 Google Drive and complete OR download and complete

Wrap-up and Evaluation 2:45-3:00

Share at table: what you designed and how it supports your ELA content area standard


This training is worth 5 continuing education contact hours. The SD Department of Education provides the following info about how continuing education contact hours work for renewal credit

“When using continuing education hours, 15 contact hours equals one credit. If individuals are awarded CEUs, one CEU equals 10 contact hours. If one CEU is earned, individuals need an additional five hours to equal 15 hours or one credit.”

Resources Shared at October 4, 2016 Training

Remind app (send reminders to parents/students via text or email)
Hot Seat activity
Bing of the Day use the image as a writing prompt; there is a little "quiz/interactive" on the picture
What's Going On In This Picture? New York Times images
TIE Self-Paced Classes (Google Classroom and Diigo/Symbaloo) and other classes. Free for staff of TIE member districts
Symbaloo EDU
Storymaps example from Reading Rockets
Achieve the Core

PE Resources
SIRS Issues Researcher Leading Issues topics
SIRS Discoverer articles/topics
PE Central: lesson plans with sub-categories of math/ela etc
Integrating Core Standards with PE
Writing Fits in With PE

Fine Arts Resources
Fine Arts Standards Awareness training--examples in Prezi + resources