Social Studies: Standards and Resources

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South Dakota Social Studies Standards

South Dakota Social Studies Standards

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Social studies standards organization

South Dakota Disagregated Social Studies Standards
  • Student friendly language
  • Know, Understand and Do statements
  • Skills of C3 Framework
  • Alignments to the Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings

Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings

C3 Framework
Instructional Shifts (handout)
C3 Framework: 4 Dimensions

ELA in History and Social Studies (vital: Reading 1, Writing 7 and Speaking and Listening 1)
Think Like a Historian--Evidence Based Claims

Inquiry Design Model at a Glance (handout)
Lesson planning form (word document) (handout)
Sample inquiry based lessons from C3 Teachers

Primary Sources

Teacher resources from the Library of Congress
Primary Source Analysis Tool and Guides (Library of Congress)
Smithsonian Learning Lab

Additional primary source resources

Online Subscription Resources

State Library
Logging in outside the school
Ancestry Library
Heritage Quest
Sanborn Maps
Gale Virtual Reference Library (6-12+)
World Book (K-12)
SIRS Discoverer (K-9)
SIRS Issues Researcher (6-12+)

Content Resources

Maps We Love
Reading Like a Historian (Stanford)
U.S History Videos
C3 Publications - C3 Teachers
U.S. History Sourcebook - Advanced | CK-12 Foundation
U.S. History Sourcebook - Basic | CK-12 Foundation
World History - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
National Park Maps | - just free maps, period.

South Dakota Content

The Weekly South Dakotan
  • Provided by the South Dakota Historical Society
South Dakota Timeline - South Dakota - Events in History
  • The South Dakota Travel Site – We believe in vacations where National & State Parks, the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore become part of your family history.
SDPB Learning Resources
  • This page provides links to all of South Dakota Public Broadcasting's learning and education resources, such as the SDPB Digital Learning Library, PBS Kids, PBS Parents, PBS LearningMedia and more.
Dakota Pathways
  • Dakota Pathways videos produced by SD PBS; each video has an activity, challenge and teacher's guide.

Technology Tools

Graphic Organizers and Storyboarding
Digital Storytelling
Video & Audio Tools


History Tech--Glenn Wiebe's blog
U.S. History Ideas for Teachers -- Lauren Schreiber Brown

Integration Time


Smithsonian Learning Lab